Linton Elementary School

4100 Caribou Drive Fort Collins CO 80525
Phone:970-488-5850 Fax:970-488-5852 Attendance Line: 970-488-5851
Morning Kindergarten:8:50-1:10 Full Day Kindergarten-5th Grade: 8:50-3:28 Breakfast Served:8:30

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Student Spotlight on…Alyssa in Mrs. Leerssen’s Class   

Describe yourself in 5 words:

  • Athletic, loves soccer, kind, friendly, and smart

What do you want to be when you get older?

  • I want to be a person that likes to help animals, and I also want to babysit.

What makes Linton such a great school?

  • I think Linton is a great school because we have book buddies.

What is your favorite Linton memory so far?

  • In first grade we did lots of fun stuff like we got to do lots of projects.

 What is your proudest accomplishment at Linton?

  • My proudest accomplishment at Linton is getting stuff done by the right time.       
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