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Birthday Book Club

Linton Birthday Book Club!

Here’s a great way to honor your child on his/her birthday…join our Birthday Book Club! 

A book of your child’s choice will be purchased in honor of his/her birthday, or Ms. Scheirman can purchase one that is on her ongoing order list.
Make a $15.00 donation to the Media Center so that the book can be purchased.
A special bookplate will be included in the book with your child’s name and birthday, and a special message will also be included on our morning announcements that he/she is now part of our Birthday Book Club.

Simply fill out the form below and send it with attached payment (checks made payable to Linton Elementary) at anytime during the school year.  Please give Sandy Scheirman a call at 488-5883 if you have any questions. 

Name of Child _____________________

Birthdate ________________

____ I want a specific book purchased in honor of my child.

Title and Author of Book

___  Ms. Scheirman can choose a book to purchase in honor of my child.