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At Home Ideas from Mr. Hobson

Art ideas for Linton students:

Hey Linton students here are some things to keep the creative art mind going!  All of these are optional and if you have other creative ideas and access to other art supplies then just go for it on your own.
Grab some paper, or if you are out of that use the inside of a cereal box, or the back of some old homework and just start drawing.
Draw yourself at 2 years old, at 20, then at 80.
Design the ultimate Rocket ship
Draw the scariest monster you can
Design and draw an invention you would love to have
Draw a magic Castle with a background
Draw all the people in your family then turn them into animals.
Go outside and create a sculpture of whatever natural things likes sticks, leaves, rocks, or anything you can find.   
If you have a glue stick and papers, create a paper sculpture using all the folding ways we use in class.
 Mo Willems author of the Pigeon books as well as Elephant and Piggy is posting Doodles and drawing classes on youtube, here is the link to the first lesson
The Met has an online Time machine to explore art and other various subjects it has buttons and controls and is fun to explore.
Christopher Hart is an artist who has step by step illustration tutorials that will improve your drawing skills.
This is a great one for our 1st and Kindergarteners.  You take a  number and turn it into a drawing.
Mr Hobson will have some more art drawing lessons coming soon.
Create and enjoy, times like these are when art is essential.
Mr. Hobson