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Book Checkout Policies

Library Book Checkout Policy for Linton Elementary

Our best hope is that your children check out many library books during the school year. Students are responsible for library books that they check out in their names.  We understand that sometimes a book may be lost or damaged.  The following policy is in place for students who lose or damage a library book:

For Damaged Books-Please contact Ms. Scheirman at 488-5883 or via email at to find out how much the books cost.  You can send cash or make checks payable to Linton Elementary.

For Lost Books-A grace period is given to allow students extra time to search for their books.  During that time overdue notices will be sent home periodically to remind students to find and return the books.

After a two week grace period a notice will be sent home for you as the parent to sign.  On the notice you can choose to pay for the book within one week, or pay for the book at the end of the school year.

You will also need to decide if your child can continue to check out books or not, and whether you want the books to be brought home or kept at school to avoid losing any additional books.

Please contact Ms. Scheirman if you have any questions about this policy. 

Here’s to a great year of reading with responsibility!