Linton Elementary School

4100 Caribou Drive Fort Collins CO 80525
Phone:970-488-5850 Fax:970-488-5852 Attendance Line: 970-488-5851
Morning Kindergarten:8:50-1:10 Full Day Kindergarten-5th Grade: 8:50-3:28 Breakfast Served:8:30

Linton PTO

Linton Elementary School

2019-2020 PTO

PTO Summary

April 7, 2020

  • Welcome and Introductions – Zoom virtual meeting (10)
  • Principal Report
    • Teachers doing the best they can
      • Cookies are being delivered next week.
    • Working with public health to identifies times/ways for students and staff to collect stuff at school.
    • District is still planning Linton summer construction projects, at this time.
    • 5th grade teachers and staff brainstorming ideas to honor 5th graders.
      • Continue with slideshow and distribute DVDs?
      • Some sort of virtual parade?
      • Summer picnic?
      • T-shirts?
      • Purchase a yearbook for each 5th grade family?
    • Happy to have small committee of parents work with staff to generate ideas.
  • Treasurer Report
    • PTO was unable to spend/earn budgeted money this spring.
    • Maybe look for a way to put this unused money toward 5th graders or larger back-to-school celebration in fall?
  • Read-a-thon Report
    • Lower participation that previous years (178 particpants); but still brought in more money than budgeted ~$17,000.
    • Squishmallows were the coveted prizes…followed by lunches delivered at school.
    • May try and follow same format next year.
  • Looking to next year (2020 – 2021)
    • First day of school: August 17th
      • May be a relaxed day for breakfast, supply drop-off, etc.
      • Due to summer construction the normal “meet your teacher and drop off supplies” before the first day may not be possible.
    • Back to school nights
      • Likely divided up into 3 nights (2 grades per night)
      • August 24, 25, 27
    • Fall family picnic (August 21)
      • Suggested names like game night or First Friday Fun night.
      • Kristin and Kara will look into Kona ice
      • Bounce house? Bingo?
    • Family breakfast (official name TBD)
      • October 9th
      • Linton lunchroom can do parfaits, fruit and burritos.
      • PTO/donations would take care of donuts and/or coffee.
    • Fall Bookfair: October 9th -14th
    • Family Dance: February 5th
    • Read-a-Thon
      • Assembly February 4th
      • Read-a-Thon March 5th
    • Spring Bookfair: April 9th – 15th
    • Teacher Appreciation Week: May 3rd – 7th
  • District Advisory Board Report
    • Linton is one of 4 local schools providing lunch
    • Approximately 200 lunches/day
    • District is working on providing wifi to underserved families
    • Currently adding wifi hotspots to some trailer parks
      • Harmony Trailer park should happen this week.
  • Donations
    • Linton is still accepting donations/gift cards/etc. for families
    • Contact Kristin
    • Passed out gift cards along with school laptops and hoping to do it again.
  • Motion to approve 2020 -2021 budget
    • Adrien will send out spreadsheet
      • Budget will remain mostly the same.
      • No 30th anniversary party so that money can go towards a family night.
      • Includes money for 5th graders
      • Remove Spirit wear from budget
      • Remove Muffins with Moms from budget (combined family breakfast)
    • Motion led by Kristin, 2nd by Kaci
    • All in attendance approved
  • Next virtual meeting: May 5th @ 7:30pm
  • Adjourn @ 8:50pm