Linton Elementary School

4100 Caribou Drive Fort Collins CO 80525
Phone:970-488-5850 Fax:970-488-5852 Attendance Line: 970-488-5851
Morning Kindergarten:8:50-1:10 Full Day Kindergarten-5th Grade: 8:50-3:28 Breakfast Served:8:30

Linton PTO

Linton Elementary School

2019-2020 PTO

PTO Meeting Minutes

January 7, 2020

  • 6:30pm- 7:45pm
    • 10 in attendance
  • Principal Report
    • Kindergarten orientation
      • Wednesday, January 8th @ 5:30pm
      • 5th birthday must occur before October 1, 2020
        • NOTE: this is a change from the past when cut-off was September 15.
    • Testing overview will be given to PTO next month by Kara.
  • Treasurer Report
    • Up-to-date on deposits and spreadsheet
    • $157 still due from Amazon Smile
      • Kristen will send reminder to parents about using Amazon Smile to benefit Linton.
  • Family Dance – Feb 7th
    • 6:00pm – 7:30pm
    • Still looking for DJ
      • 2 potential DJs have been identified and will be contacted by Tiffany and/or Haley
    • Change to photo booth
      • Will have booth and props but parents will take their own pictures
      • No longer “ordering” photos for $1
    • 4th grade will sell pizza as an EcoWeek fundraiser
    • Student Council will decorate
  • Read-a-thon - March 6, 2020
    • Kick-off assembly February 6, 2020.
      • Tamara needs to know prizes and donations prior to the assembly (by February 1).
      • Will think of a skit for the assembly
    • Changes in prize distribution
      • Any donation amount = student gets a participation prize (free/discount food, bowling, etc.). These will be sent home with the students.
      • Donations of $50+ = Any student bringing in at least $50 will be given a Prize Ticket. A Prize Ticket can be entered in a drawing to win $10 prizes (gift cards, toys, etc.).
        • Considering 10 different buckets (4 names drawn from each bucket = 40 winners total!) ...approx. $400 in prizes.
          • 5 buckets with gift cards.
            • Discussed Target, Wal-Mart, Coldstone, McDonalds, Chick-Fil-A, Learning express.
          • 4 buckets with toys.
            • Discussed Squishmallows, Legos, Art kits, Nerf toys.
          • 1 bucket with “Free Lunch Delivery”.
            • Student gets a meal delivered to them at school lunch one day (from a local restaurant/fast food chain).
        • Students get to pick which bucket/prize they put their Golden Ticket in.
        • Annie Marske will check with Learning express about donations/discounts/etc.
        • Kristin volunteered to purchase art kits and Legos.
        • Haley volunteered to purchase squishmallows.
      • For every additional $50 in donations, the student gets an additional Prize Ticket to enter into a drawing, thus increasing chances of winning.
      • Other prizes
        • K-2 Grand Champion - $100 Target gift card
        • 3-5 Grand Champion - $100 Target gift card
          • Note: Grand Champions will not get prize tickets or top classroom earner prizes.
        • Top earner in each classroom – TBD
        • K-2 Top classroom – Pizza party
        • 3-5 Top classroom – Pizza party
  • District Advisory Board Report
    • Student mental health is the focus this year
    • Social Emotional Learning and resources vary within the District
    • New start times have generated a lot of parent complaints to the Board.
      • A suggestion was made for the DAB to put out a follow-up survey about school start times.
  • Next Meeting is scheduled for February 4, 2020.
  • Adjourn