Janey Knuth

Fourth Grade Teacher
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Hello! My name is Janey Knuth and this is my first year at Linton. The past three years I have taught 2nd and 3rd grades in Porcupine, South Dakota in Pine Ridge Reservation. Before that, I attended Loyola University Chicago where I student taught in a 5th grade classroom. In my free time I love to go for walks, ride my bike, camp, watch movies, and play pickleball! I love all things giraffes and the color blue. Cats have always been my favorite, but since moving to CO, I think it's time I adopt a dog! I have a baby niece and nephew who are my favorite humans. I just moved to Fort Collins in July so please send all fun suggestions my way. With all my family still in the midwest, I am so excited to be a part of the Linton family!

Side Note: My preferred name is Janey, but my legal name is Mary, so take note of my email address!